Natasha – Almost six months later, I became apprehensive. I sensed our casual communication was becoming more personal. From the beginning, it had not been of a nature that would raise my suspicion of his interest. Now, with more meaningful communication, I questioned why I should feel comfortable with it, since I didn’t communicate with other guys this way. Hence, I concluded I shouldn’t do it with him either. I didn’t directly communicate my discomfort to him, but he is very intuitive and picked up my reservation. Though he had my parents’ blessing to pursue getting to know me better in the context of our families’ friendship, sensing my discomfort, he felt the awkwardness of continuing to communicate with me as he had, unless he could directly tell me of his interest. And so, after prayer and conversations with both parents the decision was made to take one step forward.

It was right at this time that they arrived at our home to spend Independence Day with us and go to Colorado to attend the wedding of some friends. The afternoon before we left, he mentioned casually  he wanted to speak with me. I agreed, and he took me up the mesa and told me that his interest in my friendship was purposeful and that he wanted to get to know me better if I would accept. Nothing in his demeanor had given me a clue that he would say something like that to me, and I was shocked nearly speechless (though he says I looked very calm and composed). I told him I would pray about it. I had extensive discussions with my family and two days later I told him yes. Afterwards we resumed our communication as it had been for the past year.

[Note from the Neb Parents- We knew enough about Paul to understand that he was the caliber of young man that we wished for Natasha, but we had not perceived she would be inclined toward him or any other young man at that time.  We were acquainted with the heart of our girl enough to realize that, in spite of our acquaintance with several noble young men, no one had ever managed to captivate her interest. We had come to believe that winning her heart would be a long term project for any young man, and we were hopeful Paul would succeed if it was God’s will.]