Paul – Natural indeed for Natasha, while I was holding back a heart that longed to be set free to really pursue her. Our casual communication had deepened my knowledge of her in many areas and I found myself connecting with her on a deep spiritual level as well as on common interests.

By the time December rolled around I had begun having conversations with my parents about when would be the best time to approach her parents and let them know of my interest in Natasha. After discussion and prayer we decided that it would be best for me to make my intentions known at the coming GYC youth convention at the end of the month.

I was not prepared to enter into an actual relationship at the time, but being that we were close family friends we thought it only appropriate to be open about my interest with her parents. My heart beat fast as I went with her father on an errand and shared with him my deeper interest in his daughter. I was not asking to enter into a relationship or to court her at the time – merely letting my intentions be made known. When we returned to the hotel her mother joined us and we had a short talk together. Seeing there were no red flags in their minds, they gave me the permission to continue on with our casual communication until the time came to move forward.

And so our communication continued on a “natural” level until…