Natasha – A few days before Valentine’s Day rolled around, a package arrived in the mail with a beautiful heart-shaped box from Paul. Inside were little folded 3D stars, all of which were notes – one for each day between Valentine’s Day and my birthday a month later on March 13th.

My brother and I left the country on a round the world trip the next day and I took the little stars with me. We flew first to Europe, then down to Australia, then back home in a week’s time – exhausting. But through all the changing time zones and long flights, I looked forward to opening the first note on Valentine’s Day.

Paul had tucked in an extra note for both Valentines and my birthday, which worked out well – as I was able to open the first note on the 14th in Australia, and then another on the 14th in America after crossing back over the date line. After that, stars became a special emblem of our relationship between us.