Paul – 7 years. It’s been a long time. A long time to watch, to wait, to listen, and then finally to pursue. And yet I wouldn’t trade these years for anything.

I honestly don’t remember the first time that I noticed Natasha in a significant way. There was no “love at first sight” experience. Rather a gradual, growing appreciation and care for this beautiful girl that I hardly knew, and yet in whom I began seeing something that resonated with the mission and calling God placed on my heart.

Beyond her beauty I saw a heart filled with depth and meaning. There was a deep heartfelt sincerity and love for the Giver of all good gifts and an earnestness for the gospel that is seldom seen in another.

And so she caught my eye… a beautiful young lady, the perfect age, and filled with a passion for her God similar to the passion the burned in my own soul. It would be many years before she knew of my desire to pursue her, and yet through these years the thought of her was stored away and these little things were seeds… seeds that quietly sprouted and grew until she became the first and only young woman to captivate my heart.

This is our story…